Our healthcare heroes need childcare.

In the midst of the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis, MeTime realized its existing platform can help health systems and staffing firms ensure that lack of childcare is not getting in the way of healthcare professionals getting to work.  

We can build your childcare network in only a few days.

Hospital Systems

Create a closed network of off-shift employee childcare volunteers so your staff can perform their necessary and lifesaving work.

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Hospital Staffing Firms

Join your local hospital system childcare network or start your own to create this shared resource of childcare.

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Healthcare Professionals

Do you need childcare to get to work? Access your health system’s network or one of MeTime’s available providers.

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About Us

Kayla Carey, CEO

Kayla Carey, co-founder and CEO of MeTime, has her Master's in Public Health Leadership and more than 12+ years working in the non-profit and for-profit healthcare sector. Prior to founding MeTime, she held a leadership position at Premier Inc.

Toi Valentine, CPO

Co-founder and chief product officer, Toi, has 10+ years in human-centered design, designing innovative healthcare and consumer products and services for major healthcare systems, brands, and startups.

A Closed Childcare Co-op, powered by MeTime.

We're giving health systems the ability to create a fully managed Closed Provider Network through which their employees can provide childcare services to other employees. This includes full employee communications and engagement materials for each health system to use in rollout.