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Meet A•Parently!

Kayla and Toi here to welcome you to our MeTime blog.
Kayla Carey
Here at MeTime, we believe parents are people too, and that it’s important that parents get some time back for themselves. As parents it can feel like your whole day, every day, is about other people -- your children, your partner, your boss -- or rotely crossing tasks off your list. 

That’s why we started MeTime, a platform that connects parents to hourly, drop-off childcare providers, including other parents. Doing things by yourself and for yourself is really important to being your best self. So here at A Parently, we want to celebrate and commiserate in the funny, the rewarding, and the ridiculous parts of being grown-ups with children. From the cringeworthy to the delightful, and everything in between.

We’ll share personal stories from our lives as parents and business owners, we’ll ask experts for advice on topics we need help with, and we welcome your parent fails, lifehacks, and stories. 

So first, a little about us.
I’m Kayla, co-founder and CEO of MeTime, mom of 2-year old Liam, and former healthcare business strategist. Toi is my co-founder extraordinaire and Chief Product Officer at MeTime. Working at design and innovation labs, Toi helped design the Willow breast pump along with other products and services for parents and kids. We launched MeTime (currently only in Chicagoland) in September 2019 because we couldn’t believe how much harder it is to find a single hour or two of childcare. Helping parents get their time back for themselves is our mission. 

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