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Chalk Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Months without regular childcare and extra e-learning responsibilities have been wearing out our parenting content. But thankfully, mom of three and MeTime's Community Manager, Vicky, has some outdoor play ideas to keep you going.
Vicky Salud
Most parents have chalk in their house, because it's a great way for your kids to entertain themselves outside. During quarantine, I've had to get creative to find new ways to teach my kids skills for e-learning and make sure they're making the most of their very kid-like energy levels. Here are all the ways I've come up with (or heard about from other crafty parents).

Create an obstacle course. 
Draw multiple shapes and write different activities in each shape: 10 jumping jacks, run for 30 seconds, 15 high knees, etc.

Play classic chalk games: tic-tac-toe or hopscotch.

Have a long jump contest.

Draw a starting line. As each kid jumps, mark where they landed.

Try number line jumping. 

Draw a number line and jump to certain numbers.  You can also use this for addition problems (5+4=child stands at 5 and hops 4 spaces to number 9). 

Walk the line.
Try walking on the chalk line.

Play Avoid the Shark:
With different colors of chalk, draw “beaches” various distances apart. Use blue chalk to draw water and shark fins between the beaches and have kids jump from beach to beach to avoid the “sharks” in the “water.”

Play Chalk Bullseye:
Use various colors of chalk and draw concentric circles with a bullseye in the middle. Within each circle, write point values if kids want to brush up on their math skills or simply use markers to see who can throw an item closest to the bullseye. For markers, use chalk, stones or on hot summer days, wet sponges or water balloons.

Create a chalk maze:
Have kids design their own web of squiggly lines, circles, and other lines with chalk to design a maze through which others can walk, run, cycle, or scooter. The bigger, more colorful, and more intricate the maze, the more fun kids will have working their way through.

Play Alphabet Hop:
Use chalk to make 26 squares or circles fairly close to one another and write the letters of the alphabet in each. For kids just learning their alphabet, call out letters to hop from one to another. For kids who are able to spell, call out words to spell and have them hop using one or two feet from one letter to another.

*MeTime is now offering outdoor playdates if you want a verified childcare provider to bring the fun (and chalk!) while you get some MeTime.

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