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Having two kids

People often ask me what my life is like with two kids. Here's a Venn diagram of the things I love pre- and post-kids to show you.
Taylor Wood of MotherhoodWhat?!
I have learned a few things in the almost three years since my second child was born, such as:
  • There is a rogue fifth person in our house, and I say that only because that would explain the amount of laundry I do*.
  • Two children is, in fact, much harder than one.

Okay, so maybe learning things isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse right now.

A question I seem to come across and yet have no answer for is what my life looks like these days. For being as exhausted as I am, surely I must have an answer to this simple quandary, yet I am continuously at a loss for what to tell people when asked what I do at home. I realized recently instead of trying to produce words out of my face (you know, also known as speaking coherently) perhaps I could instead show everyone what I’ve been up to lately.

Here's a Venn diagram of things I love pre- and post-kids.

Haha, remember traveling to exotic locations?

Check out more by the talented and hilarious Taylor Wood at her blog Motherhoodwhat?!

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