Kayla Carey

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

I’m one of those annoying people whose favorite hobbies are exercising and reading. So when I had my son (who is now 2, and I think so cute that I occasionally miss my El stop looking at photos of him), I grappled with how parents ever find a single hour to do the things they love. I asked my friends, many of whom are stay-at-home or flex work, and it was clear I wasn’t the only one missing my MeTime.

The first time I ever left my house without my son, I felt both the caution of a new mom and immense freedom. The end of that time away left me feeling more capable and present with him, and I think recharging is important for all parents. It helps me truly appreciate his silly dancing and cuddles.

Prior to starting MeTime, I led executive strategy and communications for a public healthcare company, and before that, ran business and clinical research initiatives in the non-profit space.

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