Toi Valentine

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Ever since I was a young kid, I loved taking care of babies. Adults would joke that even as a 6-year-old I was probably a better babysitter than the neighborhood teens. I’d brag to anyone who’d listen: one day I’ll have 26 kids and will name them ‘A’ through ‘Z’ (thankfully, I grew up and came to my senses. To be fair, I may have just been going through that  “only-song-I-know-is-the-alphabet” phase).

Once I grew up, I worked as a nanny and a sitter for families as my primary income through college -- which continued as a side gig to my full-time job after graduation, as playing with kids was more fun than sitting at a desk all day. 

Now as an adult with friends who have kids of their own, I can appreciate how vital it is for parents to get even a small amount of time to themselves (or maybe to spend with their friends). It breaks my heart hearing over and over how expensive and difficult it is to find good childcare. As someone who has spent the last ten years in design strategy and innovation helping companies design human-centered products and services that improve peoples’ lives, it just made sense to partner with Kayla to bring MeTime to life. 

I currently live in Ukrainian Village of Chicago with my partner and our two dog-like cats.

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